Trevor Donnelly, Counsellor

Life can be tough…

Life can be tough, sometimes it can take us to breaking point. Therapy can help when life feels overwhelming. 
You could find yourself in a difficult emotional situation due to a bereavement, a panic attack, a broken relationship or something more deeply rooted and personal. You may be depressed, angry, anxious or lonely without fully understanding the cause of your feelings. You may need a space in which to be heard without judgement. I can provide that space. In the therapy room or online, together we will reflect on your current and past experiences. 
We will explore your thought patterns, where they come from and how they effect your mind and body. Through this work we will aim to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health (which usually also impacts physical health). 
I believe, that with the right support, everyone has the ability to heal and lead a happy and fulfilling life. 
I am now working face to face in my therapy room at home on the edge of Dartford. I also offer counselling online and by phone. 
I began working online (and took the relevant training courses) as a result of the Covid Lockdown; I found several advantages to working this way (as well as certain challenges). Research has shown that Online counselling is equally effective as working face-to-face. It may feel strange at first, but it soon feels natural. 

We’re offering classes and courses at beginner and advanced levels, as well as special limited edition sessions of prenatal yoga, children’s yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

I am not what happened to me.
I am who I choose to become.

Carl Jung