Advent I (Why Advent is more grown-up than Lent)

   Advent is here again, the season of chocolate filled calendars and trying to work out when is the best time to go shopping and the best time to put up our Christmas trees.  According to the tradition of the Church, it’s also a time to take stock of our lives, a time of self-examination.  It’sContinue reading “Advent I (Why Advent is more grown-up than Lent)”

Christ the King – a sermon by Margaret Offerman

Today we  celebrate  the  feast of Christ the King, and I take  comfort from Trevor’s view that we must see the irony in  some of what we hear in church.  Whoever designated this Sunday and then chose the gospel reading  wanted us to see the implications of the mismatch  between words and meaning.  There areContinue reading “Christ the King – a sermon by Margaret Offerman”