What is the Church?

Readings: Isaiah 49:1-7;  Psalm 40;  John 1:29-42   Today I want to ask question “What is the Church?”   Please close your eyes for a moment, and with your eyes closed I want you to visualise the Church of the Ascension.   Take a few moments to form a mental image…   How many of youContinue reading “What is the Church?”

The conversion of Saul – a sermon by Margaret Offerman

Acts ch 9 vv 1 – 9 Philippians ch 3 vv 5 – 9 Yesterday was the feast day of the apostle Paul.  In the short  passage  from Acts that we’ve just heard,  Saul became Paul.The man who had been a ruthless persecutor of the early followers of Jesus was struck down on his wayContinue reading “The conversion of Saul – a sermon by Margaret Offerman”