Farewell Heston & Lydia – a sermon by Heston Groenewald (and a bit more)

This morning we’re starting a series on John’s gospel, and Lydia and I are also saying farewell… It’s been wonderful to meet you these last few years, and we’ve loved being in the neighbourhood. Just as we’re moving out of the neighbourhood, St Johns invites us to think this morning about God moving in. TheContinue reading “Farewell Heston & Lydia – a sermon by Heston Groenewald (and a bit more)”

Stairway to Heaven – a sermon by Heston Groenewald

Last sermon at Ascension! Boo hoo. But we have some very appropriate readings for the occasion, with lots of ascension happening, up and down these stairways to heaven. Stairways to heaven are a very foundational idea in Jewish and Christian thinking- heaven and earth are two dimensions of the same reality, and they are linkedContinue reading “Stairway to Heaven – a sermon by Heston Groenewald”

Epiphany: the journey of the Magi

Today is the feast of the Epiphany when we celebrate the visit of the wise men.  The word epiphany means revelation – suddenly seeing something true. The ‘Epiphany’ that season focuses on is the epiphany of Christ to the magi, although in the following Sundays that make up a whole “season” of epiphany we hearContinue reading “Epiphany: the journey of the Magi”

Wilderness & Vineyard – a sermon by Heston Groenewald

This morning we are thinking of prophets in our Advent preparations. And the gospel reading gives us John the Baptist, this iconic wild man in the wilderness. John stands in a long tradition of Jewish prophetic voices- voices that are calling for things to be different- calling for a society and a world that isContinue reading “Wilderness & Vineyard – a sermon by Heston Groenewald”

What are we doing with our bag of gold? – a Sermon by Peter Farley-Moore

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom” Bob Dylan Matthew 25:14-30 When I was at mission training college with CMS the principal – George Kovoor – gave everyone £10. The challenge was to multiply the money and raise funds for the mission. Everyone got busy in very worthy pursuitsContinue reading “What are we doing with our bag of gold? – a Sermon by Peter Farley-Moore”