Priest, Campaigner for Inclusion & Horror Writer.

All things to all people (or at least all people who are either interested in spirituality, inclusion or horror)

3 thoughts on “Priest, Campaigner for Inclusion & Horror Writer.

  1. Hi t.a
    hows it going,just started reading wild strawberry bk 1,when is number 2 coming out in paperback.Also could have a autograph signed on something i could frame for my collection
    cheers nick
    p.s hope your dad is better

    1. Hi Nick,
      Number 2 is out in paperback (it seems to disappear from Amazon every so often – but only for a few days – please try again…) Number 3 will be out in a few months…
      I’m happy to send an autograph – where to?

  2. Hi T.a
    Hows it going sorry taking time getting back,just finished reading life in hell,brilliant,can,t wait to get no3.colud you send autograph to
    61 cherry tree road
    me8 8jy

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