The Story of Hagar Genesis 21.8-21

Our first reading this morning is a challenging one; it reveals one of the skeletons in the cupboard of the Judaeo-Christian tradition; but to fully understand the challenge we need a little background information. The story concerns Abraham, Sarah and Hagar.  I was tempted to try and make the story more accessible and arouse yourContinue reading “The Story of Hagar Genesis 21.8-21”

Oh my Goddess! Holy Wisdom & Female imagery for God…

  Holy Wisdom – A Talk to the ‘Blackheath Wives Group’   In our reading we find one of the neglected themes of Scripture that has become important to me in recent years.  Our first lesson told us about ‘Sophia’, or Holy Wisdom.  I will hopefully be building on what Juliet was talking about whenContinue reading “Oh my Goddess! Holy Wisdom & Female imagery for God…”