The kingdom of Heaven

A sermon by Margaret Offerman Nearly always when Christians gather to worship they say the lord’s prayer, with its  pledge to hallow the name of God and to will that his kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus had a poetic imagination.  When he wanted to convey the wonder of theContinue reading “The kingdom of Heaven”

Acts of the Apostles – a sermon by Margaret Offerman

We have a welcome exposure to the Acts of the Apostles in the weeks after Easter and then they disappear from the lectionary for another year, like an aged uncle invited for Christmas dinner and then given a lift back home.  But it deserves  to be more frequently read at main services.  It  contains theContinue reading “Acts of the Apostles – a sermon by Margaret Offerman”

Can these bones live? a sermon by Margaret Offerman

Can these bones live?  asked Ezekiel Yes they can, said Jesus. The fourth gospel is the most carefully crafted and most literary of all the gospels.  The narrative is quite different from the other three.  The nativity story for example, lacks reference to a manger or shepherds or Mary and Joseph.  Instead the birth ofContinue reading “Can these bones live? a sermon by Margaret Offerman”

Fulfilling the Law – a sermon by Margaret Offerman

The Law of Moses, the Jewish Law is contained in the first 5 books of the Hebrew bible and it’s both detailed and comprehensive.  Some of the detail is quite extraordinary and suggests that the Israelites saw their God as above all a God of control.  This is Leviticus chapter 11 verse 20:  You mayContinue reading “Fulfilling the Law – a sermon by Margaret Offerman”